Welcome to the home of the first commercial olive orchard in Central Texas. We planted our trees in 1998, had our first harvest in the Fall of 2001, our first olive oil pressing on September 24, 2001 and continue this pioneering effort by pressing fresh olives each year! The Bella Vista Ranch currently grows more than 1,200 olive trees consisting of over sixteen different varieties, primarily Mission, Coratina and Arbequina varieties, with a range of other Mediterranean varieties.

First Texas Olive Oil Company presses fresh Extra Virgin olive oil in our frantoio (the Italian word for olive press). This pressing facility is located on the Ranch, next to the olive orchard. We use modern, Italian oil processing equipment especially designed to extract the highest quality Extra Virgin oil by the "cold press" method.

Olives have been important to mankind throughout history offer tremendous health benefits which have been universally recognized throughout history. Fresh olive oil is available in our tasting room at the Ranch – please join us to learn more about olive oil and more importantly enjoy the incredible taste of fresh olive oil! (And you’ll see why FRESH olive oil does taste different than what you purchase at the store.)

Our guided tours offer a depth of historical and agricultural information, a leisurely walk through the orchard and a close-up view of the olive mill. You can participate in evaluating fresh, cold-press olive oils. Scheduled Open Tours are generally available on Saturdays (please call to confirm), Private Group Tours are provided by appointment, both types of tours last approximately 1 ½ hours. The fee is $17.50 per person with a minimum group size of 15. Visit our Events/Group Tours page for more details.

We have pressed fresh olive oil every Fall (Sept to early Oct) since 2001 and look forward to another "fruitful" pressing this Fall. If you'd like to be notified of our upcoming pressing, and get a chance to taste "fresh off the press" oil or to participate in the age-old practice of picking olives, please join our email list at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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